Photo Guidelines

If you have been sent a request to submit a photo you can upload it here.

For best results, always follow our photo guidelines carefully. Photos that do not adhere to our guidelines will result in low quality artwork.

Examples of Suitable Photos

Pomeranian pet dog sat on a bench
Golden Retriever dog in a park
French Bulldog laying on a grass field
Cut dog looking up

Examples of Unacceptable Photos

German Shepherd in field on flowers
Pet is too far away
Dog looking up at its owner
Not taken at eye level
Too close/Ears cropped
Cat sat in dark room
Too dark/Poor lighting
Black cat wearing santa hat
Ears are covered!
Blurry photo of dog running
Too blurry/poor quality
Cute Pet Doberman
Awkward posture
Photo of Husky close up
Head is not in full view

Upload Photo

We use the exact photo uploaded here to create your artwork, so please only choose images that you are happy for us to use.

    Your order number can be found in your welcome email.

    If multiple photos are uploaded, we will choose the most appropriate for you.

    Photo Guidelines

    We want your portrait to look like a true work of art! To make sure of this, your photo must adhere to the guidelines below.

    • Photo's must include your pets head (and both ears) in full.

    • Use good quality images that are clear and taken in good light.

    • Always take your photo at eye level.

    • Avoid using filters, let our expert artists do all the hard work for you!

    • Posture is important! Portraits look best when the pet is either looking directly at the camera or slightly to one side.

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